Silky Way Art

Who Am I and How Can You Support Me?

You can look at my About page for more information about me.

“Silky Way Art” is my brand name which I’m using for my NFT art. It comes from my name İpek, which means “Silk” in English. It’s a combination of the “Silkroad” and “Milky Way”. I love when people call me Silky and find it normal they cannot correlate my real name with my brand name.

Now that I’m selling my digital artwork on different NFT platforms now, you can buy one or more of my artwork from the marketplaces below. Also, you can sell these NFTs later in the secondary marketplace. I already sold some of my digital art.

Have a look at my artist pages below

Platforms I’m Minting On

@cancerfuckinsucks made this cool animation especially for me.

AwsomeNada made this cool animation especially for me.

Contact Me

I will be grateful if you follow and support my social media accounts for crypto art.

Collab Artworks

I’m collaborating with several crypto artists. Click the button to see collab artworks.