Silky Way Art

Who Am I?

I left my 8-year job for another in some other city many years ago. It didn’t go well, so I quit once more. I was extremely depressed. It was around this time that I began taking photography classes in my new city. And I began taking photographs. At the time, I discovered stock photography. It meant a lot to me because it was a new way for me to earn my own living while also doing something I enjoy. I learned photo editing by myself and this new business space. I worked in this industry until I met NFTs. NFTs pushed me to my limits and revealed something in me that I had no idea existed. Now I’m working on various types of artwork. I’m still learning and improving. It gives me great joy to create new works of art and share them with the world.

“Silky Way Art” is the name of the brand I use for my NFT art. It is derived from my given name, İpek, which means “silk” in English. It’s a cross between the “Silkroad” and the “Milky Way.”
I adore it when people call me Silky and don’t seem to be able to connect my true name to my brand name.

You can purchase one or more of my digital artworks from the marketplaces below now that I’m selling them on several NFT platforms. You can also sell these NFTs on the secondary market later. Some of my digital art has already been sold.

You can look at my About page for more information about me.

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