Silky Way Art

Who Am I?

I’m a self-taught artist. “Silky Way Art” is the name of the brand I use for my NFT art. It is derived from my given name, İpek, which means “silk” in English. It’s an amalgamation of “Silkroad” and “Milky Way.”

I quit my 8-year job for another one in another city many years ago, but it didn’t work out, so I quit again. I was extremely depressed at the time, but I discovered photography classes in my new city and started taking pictures. I also discovered stock photography and learned photo editing by myself in this new business space.

I ended my business career in 2016, after a total of ten years as a white-collar worker. I worked in the stock photography industry until I met NFTs, which pushed me to my limits and revealed a side of myself that I was unaware of. I’m currently working on various types of artwork while learning and improving. It gives me great pleasure to create new works of art and share them with the rest of the world.

You can collect my artwork from several NFT marketplaces and sell them on the secondary market later if you wish. Some of my digital art has already been sold.

I made collaboration with some artists. If you like to see our collab works, please visit this page.

You can look at my About page for more information about me.

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