Welcome to the first page of my portfolio. My name is İpek. In my native language, it means “silk.” I was born and raised in İstanbul, but I currently reside in Eskişehir, where I attended university. 

I’ve always enjoyed taking pictures. In order to better my abilities, I completed my photographic education at EFSAD (Eskişehir Photographic Arts Association) in 2015. Following my studies, I opted to pursue a career as a stock photographer, and I’ve been selling images all over the world since then.

At the moment I’m contributing to Shutterstock, iStock, Dreamstime, and Adobe Stock, among other microstock sites. Every day, I work on new images in order to improve and expand my portfolio. My images can be found on my Instagram account, @ipekmorel.

I’m now interested in digital artworks as well. I started making collages and digital paintings and mixed media from my own images after discovering crypto art. It excites me much to create new works of art and share them with the world. I believe this is an excellent opportunity for me to demonstrate and express myself via art. Follow me on Instagram at @silkywayart to see my artwork on my other account.